Real Estate Market as of July 7, 2011

I’m sure you have all heard or read from the various “experts/economists” as to the current status and the future of Real Estate. The problem is that no one can come up with the same information for the consumer to digest and act in an responsible manner.
On one website the information states that the market has hit rock bottom and the prices are only going to go up from here on.
Then another “expert” will state that consumer confidence is still at an all time low and the market will continue to decline for at least another couple of years…
Who do we believe?
Even on the same day, the information is confusing to say the least!
I think the more important question is Are you able to afford a home with the incredible low interest rates and prices that are half of what they were in 2007?
If one is able to qualify with a down payment as low as Three Percent, then it would make perfect sense not to gamble and wait to see where the market will go.
There is no time like the present to become a homeowner and take advantage of the Bank Owned and Short Sales properties that are out there.
Regardless if you are buying as an investor, or a first time buyer…don’t sit idle and let this awesome opportunity pass you by!

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